Another Wednesday

Today will be another day of learning. Throughout the summer, I will spend my Wednesdays working for the assistant dean at the college of business. I have been assigned two major tasks for this early part of the summer. My first task to learn how to edit the college of business website. My man Frank who has operated the website since his freshman year has just graduated and is now teaching me the ways before he leaves. I’ve never been a tech guy but I will jump on every opportunity to learn something new. I have also been assigned the task of mastering the Bloomberg Terminal so that I gave give a class on it to a group of high schoolers in mid July. For those who do not know, a Bloomberg Terminal is a high-tech computer used widely in the financial field. This computer streams real time data on different markets, currencies, stocks, bonds, and governments. This machine is crucial for investment bankers but even a background with the machine will look good on any resume.

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