Disney World

The Disney experience seems to be one of the very few things the entire world can share. Whether from the tasty Mickey soft pretzels or Cinderella’s captivating castle, Disney has seemed to have created a culture of its own. A culture so exciting, people come from across the world to experience it.  The fireworks, the parades, the balloons, and the characters all combine to transport children into their dreams and adults into their youth.

I am lucky enough to have spent the last 7 days in Disney World and got to experience it from an entirely new perspective. Staying at the Shades of Green resort at Disney with 2 close friends and my awesome girlfriend, I got to do what every 20 year old should experience. After a year and a half of military training, work and school, I found that I was so busy adulting that I wasn’t living. My solution? Disney World.

Disney World came to mind because my girlfriend and I enjoyed it on our senior trip but we vowed to comeback together and do it our way. No itinerary or deadlines and no waiting for people who can’t show up on time. Not to mention my girlfriend loves Disney so much that she is practically a Disney Princess herself and my best friend Chris swears he’s Simba. So we came together, planned the trip, and worked our butts off to make it happen. These people are awesome because they aren’t the flakey friends that you hesitate to even make lunch plans with in fear of cancellation. They mean business and because of that, I knew this was going to happen.


Since Chris and I are both in the military, we both have a similar mindset and I think that played a big role in the success of our trip. Yet it wasn’t only our mindsets that made this happen. While most talk about education and travel benefits of joining the military, things such as the Shades of Green resort seem to be kept hidden. This resort is an exclusive military resort that provides room rates based upon the pay grade of the soldier making it extremely affordable. Not only is there a discounted resort but along with that came very discounted tickets.

This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity. What I learned was that Disney is best experienced as a 20 year old. Being old enough to appreciate the beauty of this awesome place while being young enough to power through the hot and humid air of Florida, most of the downsides didn’t even seem to phase us. As young adults, we were able to make our own decisions as to when we waited in line, when we ate, and most importantly, when we napped.

This trip was not as much about Disney as it was pride, for it was a prize that we had to earn on our own. As millennials, we need to remember how good it feels to earn something and not take that for granted. I write this piece as encouragement that there is always a way. It might not be through the military and it might not be to Disney World but if you work hard and put in the time, you will find a way. Trust me when I say earning it yourself is the catch. When you see people who seem genuinely happy, it is not because they have everything in the world. They are happy because what they do have comes with pride and appreciation. Nothing is more exciting than that.

I Like Variety in my Life

There will be a large variety of things that I write about on this blog. I say this because of the nature of my living life skills tends to pull me in every direction possible. I will separate my discussions into categories so that you can follow the ones that interest you most and I will focus my writing on the aspects that everyone seems to enjoy the most. So never hesitate to give me feedback, positive or negative, so that I can adapt and overcome.


I consider myself an amateur photographer. By that I mean that my phone can take pretty epic pictures when I’m lucky.  This luck drove my girlfriend and I to purchase a decent camera to see if we could tap into our artsy side. While I cannot say that I have had much luck yet,I can promise that all of the photos that are posted on this blog will be ones taken by either my girlfriend or myself (or by someone of my girlfriend or myself.) Whenever I post about an adventure that we have had, I will try to post some pictures to go along with it.  If any photographers have advice out there, I am always open to criticism.

Another Wednesday

Today will be another day of learning. Throughout the summer, I will spend my Wednesdays working for the assistant dean at the college of business. I have been assigned two major tasks for this early part of the summer. My first task to learn how to edit the college of business website. My man Frank who has operated the website since his freshman year has just graduated and is now teaching me the ways before he leaves. I’ve never been a tech guy but I will jump on every opportunity to learn something new. I have also been assigned the task of mastering the Bloomberg Terminal so that I gave give a class on it to a group of high schoolers in mid July. For those who do not know, a Bloomberg Terminal is a high-tech computer used widely in the financial field. This computer streams real time data on different markets, currencies, stocks, bonds, and governments. This machine is crucial for investment bankers but even a background with the machine will look good on any resume.

Taking on Life

When I graduated high school, I decided that I would not be satisfied with a boring life. So what did I do? I joined the Army. While this was a bit extreme, it was by far the best decision of my entire life. My experiences with the Army have provided me with countless life lessons that guide me through my decisions every single day. Giving me the work ethic and energy levels that I need to maintain an adventure full life, I have now taken on more than I ever thought possible.

My job in the Army is a serving as a crew chief on a blackhawk helicopter. I am still training and I have a ton to learn but the guidance that I have received can be matched to none. I also serve as a soldier in the Honor Guard. It is the Honor Guard that provides funeral honors services to fallen soldiers and deceased veterans. This has been amongst the most humbling of experiences. I also recently finished my freshman year as a finance major. The Army taught me that if I am going to take something on, take it on to the fullest extent. By applying this method to school, I was able to finish out my first year with a 3.91 GPA. This was by far the best I have ever done as a student. It was while at school that I had an awesome encounter with the assistant dean of the business college who offered me a job as an administrative assistant in the deans office. This opened up a substantial amount of opportunities for me such as tax related volunteer work and awesome connections throughout the school. By the age of 20, I have been fortunate enough to take on so much, all of which have their own unique benefits.

What makes this special is not what I’ve accomplished but that I am about as normal as anyone. I am a 5.6 white guy who was just your average high schooler stemming from a middle class family. Yet when I graduated, I said no to the mundane and have been working to take on as much as possible ever since. I am walking proof that anyone can take on the world and win. All that is required is some ambition and the ability to become a morning person (something I struggle with to this day.)


Greetings! It is time to formally introduce myself! My name in Colin, I am a 20 year old dude that lives in New Jersey. While working to earn my finance degree at Rowan University, I am also a soldier in the United States Army National Guard. Every day is a unique learning experience for me and I want to share those experiences with all of you. Along with that, I would like to share some of the awesome times that I have been fortunate enough to have. I have been working hard to have a successful future and I know that I am not alone in this endeavor. There are people all around me working to make the world a better place and it is these people that give me the motivation and drive to work towards my goals. I challenged myself about a year ago to take on a new approach towards life. In todays society, it is very easy to become negative and pessimistic and as a result, I challenged not only myself but my girlfriend of 3 years to approach life with a positive attitude. This has been one of the best decisions of my life and I know that if our generation takes up this approach, we will become the most successful generation of human beings to ever walk the earth.

Millennial Breakthrough

Hey everyone! Millennials seem to have a bad reputation for a countless number of reasons. Whether it’s for our love of technology or our hatred of discomfort, the generations that surround us seem to shudder when the thought of us in the real world comes to mind. I stand here to speak for those of us who truly do have our head on our shoulders and want nothing more than a happy and successful life. As a 20-year-old guy from south jersey, I must admit that I still have much to learn as a student of life. Yet while my learning has only just begun, the lessons that I have faced thus far have proven to be crucial and impactful and I hope to share them with you as we all stumble through this journey of life.