Society today seems to be on edge now more than ever. With our current political environment, it is difficult to find any civil conversations from any generation. For some reason, the art of debate seems to have been lost to emotion. While I do not care to share my political views with the world, mostly because most will not care what I think, I do care to share my opinion on how we express our views.

Why is it that if we do not agree on every issue, I now become a pathetic human being. This is not restricted to one side either. If I am pro Hillary, I am a snow flake who supports corrupted government. If I am pro Donald Trump, I am a sexist who hates muslims. The world has gotten so extreme with their emotions that we now lash out at each other for a difference in core beliefs. The reality? Most who supported Hillary did so because the environment and social issues are their priority. Most who supported President Trump did so because the economy was their priority.

I am not saying there aren’t bad people on either side because there clearly are. What scares me though, is that this topic has gotten so heated that people will not even state publicly who they support anymore. And those who do speak their mind are almost guaranteed to be ridiculed by the other side. I want to see a change in the politics. I want to see the days where people can rationally fight for their side, and then be open to hearing the counter argument. I saw a pretty awesome quote some where that said “People no longer listen to understand, they listen to answer,” and this could not be any more accurate. We are so caught up in accusing the other side that we do not listen to their valid points. I hope that we can someday come together and agree that while our opinions may be polar opposite, we are all Americans who want to see a country prosper.