One of the best aspects of my relationship with Tess is how spontaneous we are. If one of us gets the urge to do something different, we just hop in the car and go. Very often, we start driving before we even make a plan and let the road guide us to our destination. We tend to stay as local as possible due to how hectic our lives are but we take advantage of special occasions, such as birthdays, to step even further out of the box.

For my 20th birthday this past April, Tess and I decided that we would take a road trip to Baltimore after an awesome family lunch. Baltimore was hosting a city of lights festival where artist from all over the world come together to show off their amazing talent through a combination of art and light.

The experience was incredible with crazy pieces of work that I could not even begin to describe. Between umbrella boats floating in the harbor riddled with strings of lights to a giant glowing walk-on-water globe. With at least 58 unique displays and an awesome variety of food all setup along the Baltimore Inner Harbor, it is definitely the place to be if you are ever in the area during the festival.

This endeavor is one of many that keeps our relationship fun and unique. I am convinced that these adventures are vital for the success of our relationship. These experiences not only give us unique times to look back on and reminisce about, but it allows us to learn about the cultures and lifestyles that fill the communities around us.


Tess and I love adventure. We are flexible in that adventure to us can be anything from a walk around the block to a sudden trip to Baltimore. One of our favorite things to do is to watch the sun set. I can think of several occasions where we finished our busy day by early afternoon and had no clue how to spend our night. Our solution is usually the same. A random excursion to the Jersey Shore and no not like MTV. Here in South Jersey, our shore towns are pretty, peaceful, and relaxing. Being the perfect place to calm down after an eventful week, Tess and I love to take advantage of the beautiful back drop while making our big plans for the weeks to come.

High School Sweet Heart

My girlfriend and I started “dating” around the end of my sophomore year of high school. About a whole year later we made it “official” and have been going steady ever since. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that since 16 years old, I’ve been able to grow up and experience life with one awesome girl. Having a best friend there with me through every major life event made everything not only more exciting but substantially more memorable. We have taken on so much together and without her, I do not know where I would have found my motivation. We have created an abundance of memories already and still have major plans for things to come. I will be documenting past experiences along with our future endeavors to help motivate us all to get out there and enjoy life to the maximum.